1. It is preferable to attend an interview (can be via Skype/Hangouts or via phone) in order that the distance curriculum is explained should you are not be familiar with the Cambridge syllabus. In addition, students feel more at ease putting a face to an e-mail or other electronic means of communication.
  2. For South African and foreign students - at least one telephonic discussion is necessary.
  3. During the discussion the CIE process is explained as this can be uniquely individualised to a capabilities and abilities.
  4. Once a plan of studies has been established and subjects decided on, a letter of enquiry and quotation for studies is e-mailed
  5. The acceptance of the quotation via payment (in full) is regarded as registration and the registration is e-filed and database completed for each student
  6. Each parent and student receives tutor introductions, textbook links and the course material is released electronically.
  7. Hard Copies of all work programmes are couriered within 10 working days.

Course material consists of

  1. A hard copy of the subject content.
  2. An electronic copy of the work programme.
  3. A electronic copy and all other relevant subject related material such as assignments, the Cambridge syllabus and any additional subject notes.
  4. Access to the tutor via e-mail and Google Classroom.
  5. Marking of all assignments and discretionary marking of textbook and work programme activities.

Additional costs would include

  1. Textbooks (purchased separately – one per subject. Cost per textbook ranges from ZAR150 – ZAR1000 depending on the publishers, the subject and the level. Most are about ZAR300. A direct link to these is provided by CL Ed in order to make for easy for correct purchasing of such.
  2. Any additional tutoring/facilitation over and above CL Ed tutoring. The cost of this would depend on the individual assistance sought and the experience and qualifications of the tutor/facilitator. It is variable and can range from ZAR100 – ZAR450 per hour.
  3. Exam fees (Approximately ZAR1200 per exam, subjects with practicals are more).

Tutor support and assignments in brief

  1. Tutor support is paramount to student progress and development.
  2. Ongoing online support is offered, via online methods such as Google Hangouts and Google Classroom.
  3. We do not dictate to tutors how or by what means the tutorial sessions are administered and each tutor has developed a ‘best method’ approach for their specific subject.
  4. E-mail contact is unlimited: it also provides an indication of students that are working, submitting assignments, activities and queries as it is a prerequisite.
  5. We currently in excess of 14 tutors who are specialists in their subjects, with some who are able to assist with other subjects for which they may also have been trained.
  6. The tutors are situated countrywide.
  7. Each subject has a varying number of assignments with a minimum of six for all subjects, though some do have in excess of 12 assignments.