A Level AS Level IGCSE (core and extended) Pre-IGCSE
English English English English
Afrikaans *Afrikaans (language only) *Afrikaans (second language) Afrikaans
    French (Foreign language) French (Foreign language)
  Literature in English Literature in English Enrichment: reading programmes
    Spanish (Foreign language) Spanish (Foreign language)
Mathematics (P3, S2, M2, P1) Mathematics (P1, S1, M1, P2) Mathematics (Core and extended) Mathematics
Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry (pure)  
Physics Physics Physics (pure)  
    Physical Science Physical Science (Includes: Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
  Biology Biology  
    Environmental Science  
  Geography Geography  
  ****History History History (enrichment course only)
Psychology Psychology    
Sociology Sociology    
  Business Studies Business Studies  
  Economics Economics  
Accounting Accounting Accounting Commerce (basic introduction to Accounting, Economics and Business Studies)
    Art and design  
Computer Studies Computer Studies    
      Religious Studies

**AS/IGCSE Literature: as texts change every two years: Theory of Literature including Poetry, Prose and Drama available as a work programme. Students will be tutored on an individual basis as per their selection of four (4) to six (6) texts as selected in conjunction with the tutors.

***AS Mathematics: choice from Pure Maths1 and Statistics or Mechanics or Pure Maths 2

****AS History: Selection as per new syllabi at

# Spanish and # French at Pre-IGCSE level will start IGCSE Spanish or French and will only write exams in the IGCSE year of studies,
thus effectively making a 60 week course (costs for the second year will include tutoring and marking assessments only)

Sample Courses:
CL Education - AS Level Biology sample.pdf
CL Education - AS Level Chemistry sample.pdf
CL Education - AS Level English Language sample.pdf
CL Education - AS Level Mathematics Pure 1 sample.pdf
CL Education - AS Level Physics sample.pdf
CL Education IGCSE Biology Sample.pdf
CL Education IGCSE English Sample.pdf
CL Education IGCSE Physical Science -Chemistry Sample.pdf
CL Education Maths Extended Sample.pdf