CL Education has been in operation since 2009, with both founding members having been involved with Cambridge (CIE) for an extensive period. CL Education was initiated largely in reaction to the lack of support offered to Cambridge distance education in South Africa. At that stage, it was felt that their distance learning initiatives in South Africa were not moving rapidly enough in terms of academic support that encompassed optimising online tools and the necessary support to students via electronic platforms. CL Education, unlike the other Cambridge Distance Colleges allows for flexibility in terms of solo candidates to be aided by a curriculum provider: in essence this means that some subjects can be done without assistance as ‘solo’, whilst other subjects are taken through CL Ed.

In 2013, CL Education was accredited by Cambridge International Examinations as the FIRST and, at that stage, the ONLY online college in the world to be awarded an associate school approval. We are an attached British Council Centre and operate in partnership with British Council for exam purposes.

The development of work programmes initiated the start-up of CL Education: all CIE specialist teachers, course developers and tutors were recruited with the sole purpose of understanding CIE aims and objectives and the academic expectations expected from CIE and adapting this understanding of the CIE syllabus to a curriculum.

Currently, we contract a number of tutors who are experts in their fields of study, besides the typical Masters and Honours degreed tutors, or skills related experts; CL Ed have a Professor who leads the AS/A Level Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Mechanics for Maths) , and two doctorate specialists, one is a Computer Science and Stats for Maths, and the other a language specialist in Afrikaans.

CIE syllabi are constantly being changed, updated and amended due to new text books, principal examiner changes and the like; each change signals an updated version of any existing course material. These changes are made annually or during the year, depending on when new CIE syllabus changes are implemented, via exams or in some rare instances, a new tutor may request to rewrite existing material to suit their tutorship.

In 2014 we were given the go ahead to operate as a GAFE (Google Apps for Education) School and can host Google Classrooms, narrowing the distance further between tutors, students and content.

Founding Members:

Member: Bronwyn Ansell (B.A. Comm Science) B.Tech (Post School Education) S.A.C.E registration122156
Member: Chris Forster (B.Sc. Hons M.Sc. P.G.C.E)